Implement Best Account Security Methods to Protect Your Cyber Tenants

Pallavi Varanasi Cloud Security Expert - CloudCodes Software
  • April 9th, 2021

Everywhere you turn, one or the other person handles suggestion points about account data security and privacy. And while it never pains you to be reminded about all tips to protect your sensitive data. But, have you ever thought that whether any of the discussed tips you are taking into account effectively? Google did this! It established a partnership with several researchers from the University of California and New Your University, to identify more than 350K different account-hijacking attempts. Also, the purpose is to view how well some of the most basic suggestions of online account security secured users’ tenants.

A Shocking But, Real Fact – The most basic cloud security techniques prove themselves super effective in comparison to other advanced approaches.

For example – Consider the basic security option you can generally use in your Google account – adding your contact number as a ‘Recovery phone’ so Google can send you’re a message if an account login activity looks suspicious. Do that, and the outcomes of Google’s research broad-scale threats are almost clear.

It has been observed that the verification code sent to the recovery phone number contributed a lot in blocking 100% of automated bots, 76% of aimed threats, and 96% of bulk phishing attacks. Customers can pick up an on-device prompt option in which it is mandatory for a hacker to have permissions to access a target’s smartphone or tablet. This is done to authenticate a login request instead of spoofing your SIM or intercepting your text SMS; making it toughest for attackers to enter into the target account.

It should arrive as a small surprise, which security keys ranked as the safest approach you can utilize to secure several different types of hacking attempts. On the other hand, only having a piece of data about yourself for account authentication like recovery email address, or phone number – was not usually effective.

Time to Quickly Read Some of the Best Account Security Tips

  1. Users Verification Via Text – We encourage online account users to use the SMS verification option to access their accounts. If something irrelevant for your particular account is smelled, an SMS will be received before user login. This SMS comprises a verification code that you have to enter at the time of login just after processing your entered credentials. Once the entered verification code matches with the sent one, the respective user will be allowed to login into the account.
    Note – By default, the SMS verification or multi-factor authentication option is disabled in online accounts. Users have to activate this account security feature to use it
  2. Important Security Questions – To use this approach, account holders have to define three questions and answers. These questions are needed to be answered when an individual tries to log in from an unknown IP address. This sort of identity verification usually takes place within the app or while updating some major information in the existing account details.

Account Security Demands for Most Basic Measures

CloudCodes teams take Cybersecurity as a very serious aspect, and always try their best to give assistance to online users with the best account security methods. These will help users in keeping their online accounts secure from data compromise situations or cybercrimes.