What Did Top Data Breaches of 2018 Taught Us to Avoid Cybersecurity Disasters?

Pallavi Varanasi Cloud Security Expert - CloudCodes Software
  • April 2nd, 2021

In the year 2018, it has been found that Cybersecurity executives fight for their method against cloud computing security threats where triumphs have been tough to come by. Along with this, the exponential growth rate in terms of the total number of interconnected devices – let it be IoT or mobile devices, has forced the requirement of activating software growth. Although some enterprises are there in the marketplace that tries their best to avoid Cybersecurity disasters but still, the majority of companies are ignoring cloud security measures.

The rate with which new editions of code are being pushed has grown the difficulty level of permitting unknown vulnerabilities, which are capable of penetrating the code and permitting malicious end-users to acquire access on a place of opportunity. So far, most of the security attempts have been dependent on the establishment of the protective network, data encryption, and devices physical security. Unfortunately, these strategies still leave the core software of devices vulnerable to intruders. Almost every year (after the digitization) has offered us an increasing number of accidents, which demonstrated how existing solutions to security are not up to the level. Organizations, as well as individuals, are not able to protect themselves from a growing number of attacks. Measures like perimeter-based security, which have often served end users in the past aren’t sufficient enough. Furthermore, the latest events have marked the absence of proper SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) systems, which have the capability of limiting down the surface of threat whenever it occurs. Especially it’s true when it comes to the app-concentrated and web-based computing platform.

Major Information Security Breaches 2018

Before we begin with the measures to avoid Cybersecurity disasters, we are going to list down some important significant data security breaches of last year. These incidents will help a reader in learning the actual reason due to which we strongly recommend enterprises to adopt cloud computing security solutions.

  1. Facebook – One of the most popular social media platforms suffered from a data breach incident, which affected the personal information of 87 million customers.
    • The Cambridge Analytica tragedy occurred where the information collection industry harvested data of users without their consent. The threat was motivated and was purposed to influence the US presidential elections in 2016.
    • The report of this entire data breach incident was released in the month September 2018.
    • Facebook profile information, friend networks, personal messages, and political beliefs – These kinds of data were compromised in this incident.
  2. Quora – Another popular Question and Answer website suffered from a big data breach incident in which the personal information of 100 million end-users was compromised.
    • The Quora company confirmed that a 3rd party has leaked access to one company’s server.
    • The threat was detected on December 3, 2018.
    • Quora clients name, their email address, private and public operations, profile data, and hashed passwords – These things were compromised in this breach.

Common Measures to Avoid Cybersecurity Disasters

Some avoidable oversights exist on the part of companies, which the following common strategies can help in overcoming and reducing the potential data security breach risk:

  1. Strengthen Existing Security Standard – A company’s system and all suitable products come with assistance over the measures to ensure maximum security during use. Every individual inside the network should rigorously adhere to these standards. It is the major duty of organizations to update their security products on their own with their updated versions. They should regularly check whether their PC’s applications are up-to-date or not.
  2. Utilize the Patches in An Effective Way – Attackers feel very happy when they gain access to the target’s machine via the smallest lapse. Therefore, it is important to frequently scan the security system on a daily basis. Also, regularly update the products while keeping them updated with recent present patches. Keep in mind that you have to maintain a high-security level, which makes it tough for hackers to perform their intended threat.
  3. Conduct Awareness Sessions Regularly – It is important for officials and contractors of a company to be known with the measures adopted by a firm to avoid Cybersecurity disasters. This awareness can be done only by conducting regular sessions in which at least employees should be educated with good habits when they work online. Their mind should be filled in a way that even while sleeping, they don’t forget those standards.
  4. Concentrate Over the Physical Security – Physical Security, external network security, and security from internal threats – All these types of security are crucial to adopt when an enterprise thinks about avoiding a Cybersecurity disaster. Instead of hiring these security solutions separately, companies should prefer use of CASB solutions. A cloud access security broker product comprises of different online protection measures within it, which are needed to secure network in all ways.

Time to Wrap Up

Different measures to avoid Cybersecurity disasters in a company are illustrated in this post. Simply reading, understanding, and executing these measures just for once is not at all enough to protect online data. Cloud computing security demands for regular updation in existing protection level as well as enhancement in knowledge about new solutions for Cybersecurity.